"I am equally as repelled by the thought of being a leader as I am by the thought of being a follower. My ideal is a place of complete and total independence, where each individual is held accountable for their own actions and behavior."

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The Psychology of Writing: 5 Ways to Create Emotional Connection Between Your Readers and Your Characters by Using “Uncontrollable Circumstances”


When breathing life into a character, many factors are to be considered. However, of these, emotional connection is perhaps one of the most important in creating memorable, believable characters that your readers will remember for years to come. Here are five simple tips to help you achieve “emotional connection” between your audience and your cast of characters by using the power of “uncontrollable circumstances.”

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So It Goes Magazine.

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"The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you."

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"By far the biggest excuse I’ve heard (and used) to avoid escaping a shithole is ‘I don’t want to change who I am,’ or the variation, ‘I don’t want to become something I’m not.’ I’m not going to pussyfoot around with this — that’s a dumb, bullshit reason built totally by a general fear of change. If you don’t get over that right now, you might as well resign yourself to your current life forever. It’s not just a hurdle. It’s a flush row of skyscraper-size dicks between you and your goal."

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Her Majesty does not seem amused.